Osama Bin Laden Dead in 2011? That’s Old News Fools

Oh really?

The wonderful, murdered, Benezir Bhuto stated clearly in 2007 that he was murdered (many years before). And here’s Bin Laden’s son on CNN a few years ago as well:

They’ve been faking Bin Ladens “life” for years. Here’s his son again on the faked videos of his father over the years:

Why are the good people of the world swallowing this today from a puppet-president who was about to be exposed for having a very false birth certificate:

Here’s the proof about Obama’s birth certificate from only last week!…



Alex Jones blacklisted by google/youtube…

censorship 2010 style…


Jon Ronson and David Icke

Jon Ronson is an astonishing human being, and a deceptively clever journalist. This video is very interesting because of the way he investigates some of David Icke’s theories, foucusing on the illuminati conspiracy, the Jews (of which Ronson is one/was born one) and the Lizards (if you are unfamiliar with this Icke theory, please take some time to discover it. It’s both bonkers and strangely plausible :-)


Nobody knows; nobody cares

Rather a depressing statement, on a Tuesday morning when we all perhaps need to be cheered up!

But just stepping back a little and reflecting on this history of human “knowledge”, we can’t but be drawn to rather dismal conclusions. The history of humanity is a history of the same follies repeated over and over, and although many like to speak as though we are now above this in the 21st Century, we are still sadly a long way from being there.

I’m hoping on this site over the next few months to work this theme out in a bit more detail. Sometimes we’ll focus on specific instances covered (or possibly not covered!) by the mainstream media. At other times we’ll focus on other themes that never would be covered by the mainstream media: the nature of choice, the nature of free will, the nature of desire, the history of religious belief. All good topics! All topics for which the current Conventional Wisdom is riddled with lies…


US Soldier tells it like it really is

You’ve got to watch this video…


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